Our Attitude -Safety at Plant

A promise without COMPROMISE

It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as the leading company in reconditioning and testing of Pressure safety valves in various Industrial Installations of national pride.

Safety in process industries is emerging as a matter of concern due to increasing number of industries and critical installations in the country.

Various kinds of toxic and corrosive and flammable gases & fluids are part of any process industry, which are stored, Processed and handled under high pressure.

Pressure is a savaged force when untamed…………………

An unexpected increase in pressure in a vessel , pipeline or a system can cause catastrophic condition, which would lead to serious loss, in terms of men, material and environment.

Pressure Safety Valves play an important role in protecting a pressurized system, which shall also be maintained for perfect performance only by experienced hands, conforming to applicable codes and standards.

Looking in to the very critical role of this instrument which works on its own process medium, in the event of an over pressure , this instrument is to be periodically maintained to make sure of its readiness to perform in an emergency situation.

Unfortunately, this instrument is given less care and attention what it is need, turning the instrument to a mere symbol of safety for fulfillment of statutory regulations.

Many of the accidents are occurred due to explosions due to inactive or insufficient pressure relieving systems.

Lack of awareness, negligence, careless attitude and false documentation for mere certification to meet the statutory obligations, will lead to irreparable loss of life and property, which can be avoided by instilling the knowledge in need and requirement of safety in a process plant.

Although safety is an attitude to be practiced and maintained in day to day life, it is obligatory to avoid such disasters in the country in our time of industrial growth.

The proper and timely care to the Pressure Relief Valve is imperative to have safe working atmosphere for a protected and productive time ahead.

Flotec takes care of the continuous and safe operation of your intelligent investment by offering best services under expert hands.

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