Welcome to your site! it is our pleasure to introduce ourselves as the leading company in reconditioning and testing of Pressure safety valves in various Industrial Installations of national pride. Safety in process industries is emerging as a matter of concern due to increasing number of industries and critical installations in the country. Various kinds of toxic and corrosive and flammable gases & fluids are part of any process industry, which are stored, Processed and handled under high pressure.

Our Manufacturing Products & Services

1. Engineering Services

  • Reconditioning & Testing of Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Reducing Valves, Control Valves, Breather Valves, Orbit Valves, Ball Valves, Automatic Re-circulation Valves, NRVs and various types of industrial valves.
  • In – situ repair and steam testing Boiler safety Valves.
  • Certification of Pressure Safety Valves under SMPV (U) Rules – PESO

2. Manufacturing

  • Customized Test Facilities for various types of Industrial Valves.
  • Lapping kits for Pressure Safety Valves.
  • Air operated high pressure reciprocating Hydro testing pumps.
  • Air operated high pressure reciprocating air boosters.
  • Hand operated hydro pumps.
  • Spare parts for valves and equipment’s.

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About Flotec

 The history of a journey to success

Company had a humble start with meager capital investment equipped with a single test bench and a hand full of tools for reconditioning and testing of Pressure Relief Valves as a proprietary firm under the name of FLOTEC ENGINEERING SERVICES.

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Mission & vision


Protection of Industrial Installations from catastrophic explosions due to over pressure in pipe lines and pressure vessels. Eradication of false certification for mere documentation without dedication and justification, the very reason for dangerous situations. Flawless performance of various types of valves reducing downtime ensuring continuity in production.


To emerge and remain as a part and parcel of the growing industrial scenario, providing the best products and services with genuine approach maintaining ultimate safety of the intellectual investments of valued clients.


The people who handle pressure better, assuring process safety evermore.